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Ghana Background Check Verification Services

Background Checks in Ghana

Ghana Background Screeners are proud to have you on its online portal. Ghana background screening is associated with Gideon Investigations Limited and Gideon Investigations and Security Systems Limited. Gideon Investigations is a group of companies that conducts investigations, provide security services, security training and consultant. Our operatives come from a range of backgrounds with experience in Journalism, Professional trained Detectives, Professional Trainers, security Experts, security Consultant and other disciplines. This proves we have a range of skills available to ensure we can meet every client’s needs. All our operatives achieved formal qualifications in their areas of specialisation.

GIL and GISS are group of companies and is member of top associations in the industry. We are members of World Association of Professional Investigators, American Society for Industrial Security (ASIS) and Association of Private Security Organisations APSOG (Ghana). GIL and GISS are committed to discretion, ethical behaviour and professional processes. We have the best background screeners who are shining through remarkable background verification in Ghana. It is accepted as the prime essentiality in conducting the background verifications in Ghana as it can protect the good image of the organization which is quite necessary in earning the credibility in the whole corporate sectors.

Our prime background verification services in Ghana are mentioned below:

  • Address Verification Services
  • Bankruptcy Check
  • Business and Property Ownership
  • Business Background Screening
  • Business Credit Reports
  • Business Owner/Partner Profile
  • Corporate Background Verification
  • Country Civil Records Search
  • Country Criminal Records Search
  • Court and Civil Litigation Check
  • Credential Verification
  • Credit History Report
  • Criminal Records Search Check
  • Directorship Check
  • Due Diligence Screening & Investigative Research
  • Educational Qualification Verification
  • Employee Audits & Monitoring
  • Employment Reference Checks
  • Employment Verification
  • Financial Regulatory Checks
  • Global Background Verifications
  • Insurance Claim Verification
  • International Business Credit Reports
  • International Corporate Records Check
  • International Criminal Record Searches
  • International Education Verification
  • International Employment Verification
  • Media Search
  • Motor Vehicle Driving Records (MVRs)
  • National Criminal Database Search
  • Nationwide Criminal Records Database Searches
  • Occupational History Checks
  • Online Trademark Monitoring Check & Watch Notice
  • Personal Reference Checks
  • Post-Employment Screening
  • Pre-Employment Screening
  • Pre-Employment Credit Reports
  • Professional License Verification
  • Professional Reference Check
  • Reference Interviews/Verification
  • Registration and Certificate Check
  • Social Media Background Checks
  • National ID Verification
  • Passport Verification
  • Statewide Criminal Records Search
  • Federal Criminal Record Searches
  • OFAC/SDN/PEP List Search
  • Global Sanction/ Database Checks
  • Open Media Check
  • Advance Social Media Screening
  • Tenant Screening
  • Vendor and Contractor Screening
  • Verification of Labour

Whether it is business background check or employee background checks, our Ghana background screeners are one of the finest in the industry and can certainly cover all aspects of verifications related to your business. Background investigations in Ghana generally involves determining whether an applicant is unqualified for a position due to a record of criminal conviction, motor vehicle violations, poor credit history, or misrepresentation of education or work history.

Our Ghana background verification team will basically advise if the individual is who they claim to be, the process covers confirmation of candidates criminal record, education, employment history, any other activities from their past.

Employment Background Checks in Ghana help your company:

  • Make better informed decisions based authentic results from foreign databases.
  • Ensure the candidate’s international employment history is correct.
  • Confirm the candidate has the necessary skills and experience for the position.

Similar our corporate background screeners can assist with business and corporate background of a company in Ghana and vendor screening in Ghana. Our corporate investigations team includes highly skilled professionals. Our team’s aim is to defend corporations from the rising dangers and protect against fraudulent activities and anti-management policies through;

  • Corporate Due Diligence Investigation in Ghana
  • Business Background / Corporate Background Screening in Ghana

Employment background check in Ghana is also very popular among businesses, and in terms it is essential also. Our verification service in Ghana is trusted by big brands, business houses etc for hiring processes and to check whether their working environment is safe or not. We are recognized as one of the highly demanded providers of background verification services in Ghana giving real time presence across the world. We have experts to conduct background screening services in Ghana, who give their best to get real facts out.

Hiring an honest and right employee for the job has always been an essential need of every corporate sector and business house. We conduct pre-employment background check in Ghana to mitigate the risk of employee frauds. Ghana background screeners are well specialized in conducting background checks on any employee of yours.

Our tailored solution from background screeners of Ghana includes factual information. That prevents various corporate sectors from getting affected with severe losses and helps them to take best informed decisions with much confidence. Background check for employment in Ghana will be an ease with us as we provide services in whole region of Ghana including major cities like Accra, Kumasi, Tamale, Tema, Teshie, Cape Coast, Obuasi, Takoradi, Sekondi, Koforidua, Nungua, Madina, Sunyani, Yendi, Ho.

To know more about verification services in Ghana or to acquire any of our Ghana employment screening services, kindly write to us at [email protected] for further assistance.

Due to the sensitive nature of the services all queries will dealt under strict confidentiality and under the influence of extreme ethical consideration.