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Labour Screening & Verification Services

Labour Verification Services

We are providing you an exclusive service of Labour verification which is important throughout the project until the completion. We have gathered excellent and high caliber investigators which are able to investigate in slum areas to corporate sector. Our special service of verification of labour is basically useful for the constructer, builders and corporations who always appoint large amount of labour in different areas and they aren’t able to verify such a huge number of labour individuals. Our service includes:

  • Identity Check
  • Accurate Permanent Address and Temporary Address
  • Voter Cards
  • Class of the Labour
  • Family Background
  • Personal Information
  • Criminal Activity
  • Other Information

Benefits of Verification of Labour

  • Avoidance of illegal residing labour persons who are residing in the country illegal or entered in the country in illegal manner
  • Avoidance of hiring individuals who are involved in any kind of crime like murders, drug smuggling and more heinous crimes
  • It helps you to hire non-trouble individuals

We modify our services according to your requirement and provide you the best results with high professionalism under the influence of ethical consideration. Our ultimate goal is to find the facts behind the present proposal of association to take wise decision. We are providing you the background investigation services which are surely relevant to you for cross all the hurdles among associating with other identity. Kindly contact us on our email: [email protected] to generate your query and we will revert you in stipulated time accordingly.