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Why People Choose our Company, an online venture functioning under one of our subsidiary company the Greves verification solutions DWC LLC based in Dubai. With vast global network of partners and associates in more than 115 countries we are able to mark our impression in the field of Corporate, Commercial Field Verification & Investigations Services at large scale.

Risk are inevitable and cannot be avoided while conducting any kind of business activities. We operate for clients facing losses due to lack of verification systems opted while making a hiring or getting involved in new business deals. We assist our clients by giving them complete cost effective background check services. Our customised solution help them in hiring the right candidate as well as in detecting the hidden threats.

Our expertise of more than 25 years, has made us achieve to be one of the leading background verification company.

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Our clientele cover various Law Firms and IP Attorneys, Audit & Advisory Companies, International Investigators, Insurance Companies, Education & Training, Construction Industry, Wholesale Trade Industry, Recruitment Agencies, Departments, Transportation & Housing, Healthcare, Banks and Financial Institutes, Employment, Education & Staffing, Social Security, Customer Service & Support/Character Reference.

We are equipped with best team of professionals who work with a mission to deliver factual results with high level of expertise and integrity. They strive hard over to detect and solve risks that are not easily visible and make the client undergo serious loss. Such threats require skilled assistance assuring finest outcomes.

The GVS is equipped with team of corporate investigators who can help by offering corporate investigations across foreign boundaries and multi jurisdictions. GVS offers a virtually unlimited list of international corporate investigation services because of our vast investigators networking. Within our alliance with companies of all sizes and independent agents, we can serve any person or business internationally. We have experienced law enforcement and intelligence experts with backgrounds from Defence, legal, police and security, they are supported by a number of associates with special skill like high-grade technology and IT, and there exists a capability to deliver fully integrated Security & Verification solutions to Fortune 500 Companies, Multi National Companies and high net worth firms.

We have maintained a reputation of delivering the unique skill sets and pragmatic ability to "get the job done" even in the most challenging circumstances. We, with immense knowledge are able to conduct each and every case with methodical & discreet approach. Our experts with their years of expertise are able to make vast influential contacts which allows to collect accurate and effective results. We constantly use various public & proprietary databases and other open sources which provide crucial information required by clients and can be beneficial in guiding the direction of an investigation. This also proves as a very effective tool in augmenting our human intelligence gathering activities.

We design our course of action keeping the clients requirements in minds. We ensure that each and every need of the client is fulfilled in efficient and ethical manner.

GVS through its network of professionals investigators is quite adept at circumventing or navigating the various privacy laws and other legal & regulatory restrictions which can impede the effectiveness of an investigation as these laws & legalities vary greatly from country to country.

To know more about our company or our top quality verification services, kindly visit our services section. Also, to hire our team of experts, please sent your query on [email protected].

We have 25 years of experience

We are the leading provider of background verification solutions with over 25 years of experience helping businesses to find comprehensive solutions and high growth for your business.



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