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GVS is proud to have a true global presence in the field of Corporate, Commercial Field Verification & Investigations Services, with a worldwide Investigators network in Asia, Africa, Australia, Europe, North America, and South America. Our Investigators are located in more than 115 countries and each investigator which belongs to our network can give you the level of expertise and integrity you need. Using GVS network of investigators can help you to support corporate investigations across foreign boundaries and multi jurisdictions. GVS offers a virtually unlimited list of international corporate investigation services because of our vast investigators networking. Within our alliance with companies of all sizes and independent agents, we can serve any person or business internationally. GVS Network of corporate investigators also consists of experienced law enforcement and intelligence experts with backgrounds from Defence, legal, police and security, they are supported by a number of associates with special skill like high-grade technology and IT, and there exists a capability to deliver fully integrated Security & Verification solutions to Domestic, Multinational corporate and high net worth clients.

International investigations are different from the investigations conducted within one’s native country. Challenges faced while conducting international investigations are markedly different and can sometimes completely change the complexion of the investigation which may make a difference between its success and failure. Led by its Dubai office, Greves Verification Solutions (GVS) applies a methodical & discreet approach for collecting and analyzing the intelligence in locations throughout the world which is done by using its vast network of trusted & well-placed consultants. Our professional consultants have maintained a reputation for their unique skill sets and pragmatic ability to "get the job done" even in the most challenging circumstances.

We work closely with our clients through our international resources which help us in meeting the client’s objectives in an efficient and effective manner. We constantly use various public and proprietary databases and other open sources which provide crucial information that often guides the direction of an investigation. This also proves as a very effective tool in augmenting our human intelligence gathering activities.

Our professionals are vastly experienced in on-ground operations in the international realm especially in the matters involving investigations either in public and private sector, concerning mediation/arbitration of business disputes, assignments of due diligence or know your customer, matters related to fraud, corporate internal investigations and compliance, among others areas. GVS through its network of professionals is quite adept at circumventing or navigating the various privacy laws and other legal & regulatory restrictions which can impede the effectiveness of an investigation as these laws & legalities vary greatly from country to country.

Our global network of investigators provides services in the following areas:

Accident Investigations / Personal Injury- Benefits fraud, Financial fraud, skip tracing & location enquiries, Background Screening of Employees & individuals, Taking statements, Covert and Overt Investigations, Examination of evidence, Read More

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